.Foreword ~

+ Welcome to my fanart gallery! Here, you can find a collection of my fanarts from around 1999 up till present. Previously, a majority of these fanarts could be found at my Ann the Neko and Insanity Trait sites before I shut them down in March 2003. I've decided to show them to the world once again along with recent fanarts that you can also see at my deviantART. This isn't everything as I lost quite a bit of pictures from over the years and frequent crashes, so these are just those I managed to salvage currently.
+ Note that it's been so long that I no longer remember the date of my old fanarts, so any fanart lacking dates/info would most likely be one from before 2003 (Harry Potter ones should be mostly 2000-2001). These fanarts will also be posted in random order.
+ I've always been linient with matters of people using/taking my art, and still am, so go ahead. Special thanks for those that take the time to send me a note if they do!

.Update ~

+ 06/24/07 - Whew! While all fanarts here are just added, they are all marked as "old" until the next update.

.Guide ~

+ New additions are in bright red.
+ I am a self-professed hopeless romantic so most of my fanarts would/will be of my favorite OTPs. Not always, but frequently enough.
+ Before anyone asks, yes, I'm a die hard straight/canon pairing freak.
+ Between you and me, my "done" and "rough" works, from time to time, are interchangeable.